Amniotic membrane extract-loaded double-layered wound dressing: evaluation of gel properties and wound healing

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The conservative single-layered wound dressing system is decomposed when mixed in polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) solution, which means it cannot be used with a temperature-sensitive drug. The goal of this investigation was to make an amniotic membrane extract (AME)-loaded double-layered wound dressing with an improved healing result compared to the conservative single-layered wound dressing systems. The double-layered wound dressing was developed with PVA/sodium alginate using a freeze–melting technique; one layer was PVA layer and the other was the drug-loaded sodium alginate layer. Its gel properties were assessed compared to single-layered wound dressings. Moreover, in vivo wound-healing effects and histopathology were calculated compared to commercial products. The double-layered wound dressing gave a similar gel fraction and Young’s module as single-layered wound bandages developed with only PVA, and a similar inflammation ability and WVTR as single-layered wound dressings developed with PVA and sodium alginate. Our data indicate that these double-layered wound bandages were just as swellable, but more elastic and stronger than single-layered wound dressings comprised of the same polymers and quantities, possibly giving an acceptable level of moisture and accumulation of exudates in the wound zone. Compared to the commercial product, the double-layered wound dressing comprising 6.7% PVA, 0.5% sodium alginate and 0.01% AME significantly enhanced the wound-healing effect in the wound-healing test. Histological investigations showed that superior full-thickness wound-healing effects compared to the commercial product. Therefore, the double-layered wound dressing would be an outstanding wound-dressing system with improved wound healing and good gel property
<strong>발행연도 :</strong> 2013. Apr
<strong>저자 :</strong> Choi YK, Din FU, Kim DW, Kim YI, Kim JO, Ku SK, Ra JC, Huh JW, Lee JI, Sohn DH, Yong CS, Choi HG
<strong>출처 : </strong>Drug Dev Ind Pharm
<strong>소스 : </strong>양막 추출물