Generation of transgenic dogs that conditionally express green fluorescent protein

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We report the creation of a transgenic dog that conditionally expresses eGFP (enhanced green fluorescent protein) under the regulation of doxycycline. Briefly, fetal fibroblasts infected with a Tet-on eGFP
vector were used for somatic cell nuclear transfer. Subsequently reconstructed oocytes were transferred to recipients. Three clones having transgenes were born and one dog was alive. The dog showed all features of inducible expression of eGFP upon doxycycline administration, and successful breeding resulted in eGFPpositive puppies, confirming stable insertion of the transgene into the genome. This inducible dog model
will be useful for a variety of medical research studies

발행연도 : 2011. Jun

저자 : Kim MJ, Oh HJ, Park JE, Kim GA, Hong SG, Jang G, Kwon MS, Koo BC, Kim T, Kang SK, Ra JC, Ko C, Lee BC

출처 : Genesis

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