Lessons learned from cloning dogs.

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The aim of this article is to review dog cloning research and to suggest its applications based on a discussion about the normality of cloned dogs. Somatic cell nuclear transfer was successfully used for production of viable cloned puppies despite limited understanding of in vitro dog embryo production. Cloned dogs have similar growth characteristics to those born from natural fertilization, with no evidence of serious adverse effects. The offspring of cloned dogs also have similar growth performance and health to those of naturally bred puppies. Therefore, cloning in domestic dogs can be applied as an assisted reproductive technique to conserve endangered species, to treat sterile canids or aged dogs, to improve reproductive performance of valuable individuals and to generate disease model animals

발행연도 : 2012. Aug

저자 : Kim MJ, Oh HJ, Kim GA, Park JE, Park EJ, Jang G, Ra JC, Kang SK, Lee BC

출처 : Reprod Domest Anim

소스 : 양막 MSC